A smarter, more effective way
to increase sales

Discover new clients, increase deal flow from existing clients, and strengthen relationships with Architects, General Contractors, Owners, and more.

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Invest In Your Sales & Biz Dev Team

We serve all building trades & general contractors

Architectural Consultants
Building Material Supply
Environmental Remediation
General Contractors
Home theatre automation
HVAC (Mechanical)
Fire Alarm / Suppression
Windows & Doors
...and more

Powerful project and relationship intelligence
for building product suppliers

Discover our difference

Better Insights

Access unparalleled insights into existing and prospective clients. Discover the projects they are working on and with whom.

Better Conversations

Leverage our insights to have more personable conversations. The days of spray and pray sales are over. It's about hyper targeted sales.

More Sales

With new reasons to engage, proactively uncover qualified opportunities while at the same time - strengthen your relationships.


Construction data straight from the source

We leverage NYC Dept of Building permit data combined with proprietary data sources to bring you the most complete project-level insight.

Over $40 billion in NYC Construction Activity
100% Searchable
Instant Results
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Meet Your Next Customer

Search and discover data-qualified prospects based on granular company and project segmentation. Track your clients and get a complete understanding on who they work with to discover potential relationships.

Project phase
Project & Building Type
...50+ other details

Customizable Views & Exportable data

Every business is different. Personalize based on the details that matter to you. Export data into to your favorite CRM or offline analysis. Your team's workflow stays the same.

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Actionable Insights Close More Deals

Supercharge your outreach with never-before-seen deal and relationship intelligence. Gain instant knowledge of relationships your existing and future customers have. Without spending hours on research.

Building Details
Project Details
Key Stakeholders

Lead Targeting Like No Other

Here's how our customers are taking dead aim:

Target Architects

Example: Find Architects working on landmark projects in Brooklyn and Manhattan that were filed in the last 90 days at the design phase with penthouse additions

Target General Contractors

Example: Find General Contractors awarded on new build jobs for buildings 6+ stories high with budgets of $500,000+

Target Owners

Example: Find City or Non Profit owned buildings

Target Jobs

Example: Search by keywords and job types such as mechanical / hvac, plumbing, demolition, boiler, standpipe, scaffold, windows, lighting & electrical, and more.

The New Construction Sales Playbook

FenIQ was built on the following principles

Relationships are the backbone of every great business

FenIQ is the most powerful platform built to help you leverage your most valuable asset, your relationships. It's not what you know, it's who you know

Don't take loyalty for granted

Selling in the construction market is brutal. People get busy. Competitors are everywhere. Some, might even forget you

Customer service is king

Your competitors can offer a great product at a great price. But delivering great customer service is what separates the good from the great

Make new friends, but keep the old

One is silver, the other gold. Acquiring new customers is important, but retaining them accelerates profitable growth

Leveraging technology and data is a competitive advantage

It's difficult to remain relevant and compete in today's changing and competitive environment. FenIQ can help you stay one step ahead

Our Mission

To revolutionize how construction building product and service suppliers grow by leveraging their most important and underutilized asset: relationships.

Better Insights.
Better Conversations.
More Sales.

Ready to improve your sales process with actionable insights?